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Digital Nirvana

This video is about social networks like F***book and what happens if u use them too extensively

This music video was proudly shoot in Giessen, Hessen
Thanks to Masha Shushera for the great performance!

A dystopian music video about the data collection machinery.

The music is produced using Native Instruments Maschine Controller.

Digital Nirvana from Hendrik Putzek on Vimeo.


Put on your mask
Of virtual illusion
Join in the dance
The world shall be yours

Twist and turn
Fake life’s delusion
Contort your Self
Lost to confusion

Your ego blown up
To supernatural size
You will confess
to a castle of lies

Reveal your fears
Phantasies ‘n dreams
We store your smiles
We format your screams

Join our circus
Oblivious guinea pigs
We re-set your brain
just by a few clicks

No need to think
We command your life
Your cerebrum
Serves as our hard-drive

Welcome to your
Digital Nirvana

Welcome to your
Digital Nirvana